7 Life Saving Solutions to Help Avoid "Working From Home Depression"

Work from home depression video
There is nothing better than working from home while at the same time there is nothing more debilitating than “Work at Home Depression”.

Work at home depression is becoming more and more prevalent with the rise of ‘at-home’ business ventures.

As humans, we are social animals so to speak, and being isolated is not a preferred state. Let’s get real, prisons use “isolation” as punishment so it can’t be that good for us.

The fact is that as much as you love your business, it can be terribly problematic for you if you allow depression to set in.

However, there are ways to counterbalance this situation and survive.

Here are 7 of the best ways to avoid the “work at home blues”.

  1. At least once a week meet a friend for breakfast or lunch. Nothing beats being proactive and planning a diversion on a regular basis.
  2. Set out and make a deliberate effort to take your show on the road so to speak. Venture out and find a cafe or other suitable location where you can visit once a week and do some work in a busy environment.
  3. Exercise every day, even twice per day if possible. It is not necessary to seriously pump iron as a brisk walk for 30 minutes will do just fine.
  4. Set a timer and allow for a specific fun time where you can engage with others on your favorite social media app. You need to be deliberate and use self-control and only use in moderation.
  5. Almost every town or city has breakfast groups that meet once a month. In many instances, these are business related and serve to inform as well as entertain. Join in and be part of something like this.
  6. Use essential oils and create a different fragrance in your home office once or twice per week.
  7. Play music…. studies show that music can lift the soul and be a great motivator so indeed, play your music. Of course, you will need to control the volume but if the urge to dance comes over you …. get up and dance!!!

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