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How the Self Employed Business Academy Can Benefit You!

Hi, I’m Bud Chapplain,

As you can see, I’ve been round the block a few times, as has my friend and co-founder, Wayne Burgan.

You see, we have both been in business for most of our lives, and with that comes a great deal of experience…

Wayne is a CPA by profession and built an international business helping small business owners until he sold it just a couple of years ago. I have been in sales all my working life and had the privilege of representing Wayne’s business here in North America.

Both Wayne and I are passionate about small business, and although some people think we should put our feet up and enjoy the fruits of our labor, we believe in giving back. And that is why we founded the Self Employed Business Academy.

Bud Chapplain
Wayne Burgan

The 4 Pillars of Business Success

There are 4 major pillars that all have to be rock solid to build a successful business, where you are a one-person operation or a large corporation. Those pillars are:
  • Leadership
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finance and Administration, and
  • Business Fulfillment (or delivering the products and services of the business).
The Academy is built around these 4 pillars of success.
4 pillars of business

Your Membership of the Academy Includes...

Academy features

Training Courses to Upskill You and Your Team

There are courses that are key to growing your business, such as how to get customers, how to price your products and services, prepare your business plan and manage your finances.

There are also very practical courses like Microsoft Office apps, Google Apps, managing social media that save you and your team money and time you otherwise have to spend away from the business making money.

New courses are continually added to help you grow your business.

Tools and Resources to Save Reinventing the Wheel

There is a library of Tools and Resources that includes proven checklists and templates to save you time as you do not have to reinvent the wheel all the time.

There are templates and checklists to develop your systems and procedures, prepare and monitor your business plan, understand your finances and more to help you successfully manage your business.

Community of Supportive Self-Employed Business Owners

Who can you talk to? Family members who who get a regular paycheck don't understand, and it’s a given that, no matter how loyal they are, employees have their own self-interest at the forefront.

Well, the Academy has a members’ forum, where members can communicate and help each other get answers to questions and solve issues.

It is a safe place to give and get feedback on important business issues.

So, in summary, here’s what you get as a member of the Academy:

  • The same proven formulas that have been used for years by successful businesses.
  • Multiple courses and resources that cover everything from core foundational topics to today's Social Media platforms
  • A self-employed small business owners’ community created that allows you and others to share experiences.
  • Tools to help you build a better business.
  • Constant updates to the information available on the site with new courses, resources, and tools.

Let's face it. Your business should be a means to giving you more life, not suck the life out of you!

And that is what the Academy is all about... Giving You More Life!

Lesley Jordan

A wealth of really good information

There is a wealth of really good information for myself as a small business owner. I feel that this program is so beneficial to me and my fellow small business colleagues, allowing us to find answers to questions and gain insight and training on various (and needed) programs to assist in running our businesses. Thx you for creating this!

- Lesley Jordon
business or link

Aren Swann-Gurka, Insight Pest Solutions

Many resources to help you

Things like financing, accounting, marketing, etc. can be difficult to organize or get right when you are building your business whether you're 1 month, 1 year or more into it. The Academy has many resources to help you learn or confirm what you are doing/need to do. I personally can't wait for what more the Academy has to offer in the near and late future.

- Aren Swann-Gurka
Insight Pest Solutions

Try the Academy Now for Just $1!

Membership of the Academy is just $37 a month.

But, as the Academy is new, you can try it now for just $1 and that gives you access to EVERYTHING!

You will have 7 days to check it out and see how the Academy will help your business. If you see the benefits (as we expect you will), you'll be renewed automatically at just $37 a month. And of course, you can cancel at any time if you feel you need to.

If you choose not to stay, that’s OK too. Just cancel within the 7 days and that will be it.

So, click on the 'Start Academy Trial' button to get immediate access to the Academy now.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


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