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20-35 - You’re ready to start a business

Your score shows that you have the right entrepreneurial spirit to run a successful company. As your own boss, you’ll be able to lead and work with others. You’re willing to take calculated risks, which is critical to starting a new business. Remember, you’ll also need physical and emotional energy, as you’ll most likely start off working long days. 

Of course, you still have a lot to learn, but you have the all-important mindset for success. Once you’ve identified what your business is going to offer, and who your target market is, you’ll be on your way. Training can help you fill in the gaps and find solutions to challenges. Get started now and don’t delay!

36-74 - Do a little more soul-searching

Your scores show that you have the potential to start your own business, but you aren’t quite ready for all the challenges involved. Think more about who you are as a person before you commit yourself fully to being an entrepreneur. 

You need to be decisive and a self-starter. You also need to set clear goals and define how you’re going to reach them. Being organized, especially when it comes to finances, projections, and scheduling, is also essential.  

A good training program will help you realize your potential and develop the skills you need to dive into entrepreneurship.

75-100 - Consider staying where you are

Your scores show that you’re either in search of certainty or you’re very set in your current way of thinking.

If you want the safety and security of a regular paycheck, then launching your own business may be too uncertain for you.

If you’re overconfident, then you risk failure in business. The most successful entrepreneurs are aware of their weaknesses. They ask others for help and are prepared to keep learning. It’s great to have a clear direction, but if you aren’t flexible enough to roll with changing circumstances, you won’t make it as an entrepreneur.

You can address this issue by taking some training to help open your mind to your limitations and to discover what you need to do to be a successful business owner. When you learn more about what’s involved, you may surprise yourself.