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Congratulations on getting your copy of ‘The Definitive 39 Point Checklist for Starting a Successful Business’.

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Congratulations on wanting to start a business, and for getting your copy of ‘The Definitive 39 Point Checklist for Starting a Successful Business’.

Data from the Small Business Administration indicates that around one third of business start-ups fail in the first two years. So it is vital to get it right!

The checklist is a great place to start because it lists all the different things you need to check off before you start your business if you want to be successful. The next question is...

Where do you find the information you need?

The best place to start is with this practical, insightful publication – ‘7 Essentials for Starting a Successful Business’.

This Information Packed Report Addresses:

7 essentials for starting a business report

The mindset you need for success

Will your idea be profitable?

What financial resources you need and where to get them

What will give you the edge over your competitors

The things you must setup to get your business started

Defining your 'brand'

Developing your marketing plan

...all in one, easy, practical guide.

The information is invaluable when you are starting a business. But we are not looking to charge you an arm and a leg for the information, even though it is absolutely vital to creating a successful business.

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