Are you tired of the struggle to make ends meet?

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"Discover How You Can Start the Business of Your Dreams WITHOUT Losing Your Shirt"

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The following is a message for every person who wants to start a business or a side hustle but doesn't understand how to go about it and/or the risks involved.

Here's a huge problem you face right now…

    …You simply don’t know the best way, or any way really, of how to begin.

     …It's the overwhelm from trying to find all the information you need to know to get started.

But that's not the end of the problem...

What makes this even worse is the fact that starting a business can be risky as statistics show that about 20% of small business fail within their first year, and around 50% fail within the first 5 years!

And, worst of all, business failure comes with serious financial, emotional, and psychological consequences that can impact your finances, your house and even your family.

But the good news is, there's a solution!

So, if you're someone who has an idea for a business, who wants to be your own boss and control your own destiny, here's the answer you've been looking for...

Introducing the "How to Start Your Own Business… WITHOUT Losing Your Shirt" Home Study Course

Wayne Burgan, a CPA who has consulted and coached small business owners for over 30 years, and who has built an international business out of his basement, has created this special presentation to coach you on the journey towards starting a successful business.

This training includes 12 power-packed modules with videos and ‘Business Success Worksheets’ that break the process into bite size chunks and guide you to the answers you need to know to make your business successful.

In fact, the Financial Worksheets in module 5 that are exclusive to this course, quickly analyze the sales you need to make on a yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily basis is invaluable by itself.

The last thing you want to do is start a business that is not going to succeed and this module is key to determining whether you press the Stop button or the Go button.

Coutney doing the course
Business Success Action Guide

I wish I could promise you a complete ‘done for you’ system that requires no work on your part. To do that would undoubtedly result in more sales for us. But this is your future we are talking about and you have to do the work to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

What I CAN promise you is that Wayne makes it easy to understand and provides you with Business Success Action Guide to make the task as easy as possible.

This will become the FOUNDATION for your business, the result being YOUR OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS SUCCESS PLAN!!!

Wayne gives you the tools, the information, the direction and the resources to answer all the HARD questions. The 12 comprehensive modules really carve out the basis of your business plan, ensuring that nothing is left unturned. Have a look and imagine.....

Here is What You Will Discover!

Module 1 - the right mindset

Module 1

Develop a Mindset for Success

Owning your own business can bring fantastic rewards. However, it also asks a lot in return, and can bring a lot of extra pressures that an employee does not normally face.

The right mindset is critical, and in this module, we’ll look at what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how ready you are to kick start your business.

Module 2 - Vision and values

Module 2

Define Your Driving Vision and Values

Your business success will be drivern by your dreams and desires, along with the changes you want to see happen in your life.

In this module, you’ll identify the vision you hold for your life moving forward, and how your core values fit into this vision and influence the business you’re creating.

Module 3 - the right business

Module 3

Pick the Right Business for You

You're building up a clearer picture of yourself and how you will influence your business from the top down. Your business needs to reflect you and the way you want it to be.

In this module, you’ll add your strengths to your vision and your values from the last module. Then, you’ll move on to clarify your business idea.

Module 4 - success esstials

Module 4

Identify Essentials for Success

In module 3, you identified things you are good at and find satisfying. You also wrote down your business idea in as much detail as you could.

In this module, you’ll investigate how profitable this business idea could be and identify your ideal customer, so you can assess whether what you’re offering is in demand.

Module 5 - financial requirements

Module 5

Get a Grip on Financial Requirements

This information is critical, as not having a grip on financial requirements is a major contributor to business failure.

In this module you’ll determine how much the business must make to cover your personal commitments, and the sales, profit, and cash flow to make that happen. you will also discover the funding needed to establish the business, and where that will come from.

Module 6 - your offer

Module 6

Decide What to Offer and How

The lifestyle you are aining for will influence the way you run your business. Your sales will be influenced by the value you can demonstrate to potential customers. Bring these two together and you have a happy entrepreneur and satisfied customers.

In this module you’ll go step-by-step to create the business that’s right for you and choose your first product or service to launch.

Module 7 - business essentials

Module 7

The Essentials to Run your Business

You’ve now covered many of the foundations for setting up your business. Those elements are pretty much within your control and waiting for you to decide what you do.

But there are some essentials that you don’t have control over, and those are the legal and administrative requirements that operate in your country regarding running a business. That’s what we cover in this module.

Module 8 - branding your business

Module 8

Start Branding Your Business Now

Now that you’ve got your business set up or on its way, you need to decide how you will present yourself and your offering to potential customers. This all starts with your brand, which is not just a logo, but what customers think of when they hear the brand name.

In this module, we’ll look at the important basics of branding and how to use your brand to build your business.

Module 9 - Pick the right price

Module 9

Pick the Right Price

Of all the difficulties small business owners and providers face, one of the most challenging is setting their prices.

What should you charge for your products or services?

This is not an easy question to answer, but in this module, you're going to learn a variety of methods that will help you not only pick a price, but pick the right one.

Module 6 - your offer

Module 10

Set Up Your Marketing

The ultimate goal of your business is to make a profit. Without any profits, you don’t have a viable business. To make a profit must make sales, and sales won’t happen unless you market. The key is to know the options out there, and decide which ones are the best fit for your business.

In this module, you’ll examine the marketing methods available to you and set up your marketing plan using both online and offline tactics.

Module 11 - Launching your business

Module 11

Your Launch Starts Here

You’ve reached this point in the course, so there’s a good chance you’ve decided you want to bring your product or service to market.

You’ve defined your niche, your target market, and your Minimum Viable Product. But you may not be quite ready to launch your product yet.

Follow the steps in this module, and you’ll be ready to launch amid excitement and enthusiasm about your new product or service.

Module 12- tracking your progress

Module 12

Tracking Your Progress

Now you’ve got your business up and running, you need to monitor progress and evaluate success. You want to be sure you’re moving forward and achieving your goals.

To get an objective and concrete view, it’s important to use metrics to track progress so you can analyze how you’re advancing.

In this module, you’ll learn about the key metrics you need to measure and how to use that data to improve your business.

Adam Hurt

My favorite resource is the Finance Estimator

The resources and tools are unlike anything I could have ever expected, and it's amazing and it's nothing like any of courses I've taken in the past. My favorite resource was definitely the Finance Estimator, because it gives you a better understanding of where your costs are, what your overhead cost is gonna be, and how to become more profitable in the process as well. I highly recommend it to anybody who is either looking to start their own business or even those that have their own business at the moment that are looking to do it in a better and more efficient way.

- Adam Hurt
business or link

Amber La-Grange

Really exceeded my expectations

What inspired me to take this course was as a very recently self-employed person, I wanted to learn more about just how to do it. You know, it's scary enough starting and then having to learn everything all at once, and I feel like this course really exceeded my expectations. When I finished it. I actually didn't have any questions because it had covered all of those areas that I felt like were confusing or completely out of my depth even. So this definitely is something I would recommend.

- Amber La-Grange
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7 essentials for starting a successful business


"7 Essentials for Starting a Successful Business”

While the course goes into a lot more detail with an Action Guide and Worksheet, this ebook walks you through 7 essential ingredients for starting a business.

($47 Value)

Building the business Brain


"Building the Business Brain”

It’s crucial that you have an entrepreneur mindset to succeed in business on your own. This eBook and audio reveals how to develop the mindset to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

($37 Value)

Business Success Habits course


"Business Success Habits”

Running your own business and steering it on a path to success is a constant challenge. This training course teaches you how to develop the 5 essential habits of successful business owners.

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90 day business goals


"90-Day Business Goals Planner”

Goals are powerful. They are inspiring and keep you focused and motivated. Most people need to keep the end in sight to stay motivated. 90 days keeps you focused to get stuff done.

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"5 Checklists for Running a Business”

Laser Focus Summary Checklist

The average attention span is 8.25 seconds and shrinking. We are bombarded with distraction. This checklist helps you identify and control your distractions.

Eliminate Business Overwhelm – Cheat sheet

Overwhelm is one of the most common complaints among business owners and entrepreneurs and can happen at any stage of a business. You spend hours making lists of what needs to be done without doing it. Regain control to become more effective, so you can focus, be productive, and achieve your goals.

Brilliant Brainstorming Techniques

The most important skill in business is the ability to brainstorm. Everything is driven by ideas. Brainstorming allows you to generate & evaluate ideas.

Incorporating ChatGPT in Your Business

It is crucial for businesses, marketers and content creators seeking to take advantage of AI tools to embrace and incorporate ChatGPT in their strategy/plan. Use this checklist as a guide for incorporating ChatGPT in your business.

Using ChatGPT for Research and Planning

Research and planning are crucial processes for startups and established businesses. ChatGPT’s ability to cater its answers to your specific business/brand makes it an ideal research and planning tool. Here is a guide on best practices for leveraging ChatGPT for research and planning.

($135 Value)

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