Sell More Product… Make More MONEY... MINDSET SECRETS That Make It Possible

mindset secrets to make more sales


Wow, the title is really a mouthful, but I did not how to say it better.

The marketplace has changed dramatically, and sales practices have not yet caught up, resulting in the seller leaving $$$$ on the table.

Here are some of the old techniques that don’t work in today’s marketplace and one’s that do that you can replace them with.

But before we delve into the meat and potatoes of the topic there is one thing that every seller needs to change and that is their mindset.

Today’s mindset requires that you:

  • really believe the products you market are valuable,
  • that you have in-depth knowledge of your target markets, and
  • understand how to deliver your products to these markets in a way that benefits both the buyer and seller.

Let’s be honest here, selling anything is a difficult process at the best of times.

Historically, the selling process can leave you feeling a bit nauseous and slimy. Salespeople have often been referred to as ‘sharks’ or even ‘snakes’.

Many artists/musicians and the like, often express that creating their pieces are the easy part.  Selling their creations makes them cringe. Believe it or not, this feeling also applies to many other business owners, no matter what industry they are in.

These feelings can in fact, be changed and when this happens the outcome can be terrific.

It all revolves around recognizing different thought patterns that exist in your selling process.

The more you are aware of them, making the necessary changes will be much easier.

Here are mindsets that you will recognize and their alternatives that will help create a new successful selling style in no time.

Look at Your Target Market as If They Were Your Best Friend

Look at it this way, if one of your close friends was in trouble and asked for your assistance or advice, I am sure you would be there in a heartbeat with your knowledge and/or products to help them out of their situation.

The last thing that you would be, is shy about telling them about what they need to do to get better.

Your recommendations would be heartfelt.

By the same token, your target market is your friend, and the products and services you bring to them are solutions that you believe will assist them with their issues. Issues that you know they have now or will have in the future.

You believe in these solutions because they are wonderful products, and in fact, you are doing your market a favour by introducing these to them.

Don’t be afraid to tell them about these solutions and create special promotions that catch your audience’s eye.

Remember, you know what your market struggles with and you are their solution doctor so to speak, helping them just as you would help your friend.

Become a Teacher and NOT a Teller

There is a fine line between teaching and telling. Now you may think that teaching is boring and that by telling your audience all about the features and benefits of the product, it gives you (the salesperson) a better chance to sell. WRONG!

If for one moment your target market thinks that you are trying to convince them you know what is best for them, you are doomed.

Rather, when you educate them about answers to their issues, you build trust and, in the end, they will be smart enough to figure out that your products provide the solution.

Teaching can include:

  • Video clips describing useful product features
  • ‘How to’ DIY videos.
  • An email series identifying Target Market problems and teaching solutions over a 5 day campaign.
  • Teach them how your product can turn a complicated solution into an easy process.

Doing things like this shows the audience that you understand the pain/frustration they are feeling, and that there are answers. Of course, your products and services are front and center as solutions.

The videos do not have to be slick, but they do need to be honest proof that you are there for them.

Once you have demonstrated that you are teaching and not telling, then selling is easy.

Believe in Quality and NOT Quantity

The goal here is to provide maximum quality value.

Quantity is good but quality is better. Focus on having fewer products but make them top notch.

Too much product selection can cause overwhelm to your customer causing them to be confused with your offer.

Having a few products that are high in quality and value (bang for their buck) makes the buying decision easier.

Your selling mindset is easier when you believe that your products are outstanding.

Be Helpful and DO NOT Harass

When you have quality products that you believe in (because you know they really offer a solution to a problem) then having a helpful mindset comes easy.

Having a helpful mindset (treating your audience as your best friend), allows you some freedom in how you present your products .

You can engage customers with the enthusiasm needed and not fear being considered as harassing them.

Your strength is the knowledge that you are doing them a favour by introducing your products to them.

Remember that your target market consists of people who have a need for a product like yours.

Receiving information over email/text/social media on something that solves an issue they may be having will be accepted as being helpful as opposed to harassment.

Create a Connection, Not a Conversion

Change your mindset to one of connection as opposed to conversion.

This means that you want to stop trying to sell them something, and switch to building a connection with them.

In the end people will take ownership of the sale when they make the connection with you mentally.

In most cases you will not even realize that this process has happened.

It will happen much easier when they feel that you care about them and that is why building that connection is so important.

In connecting with your audience, be yourself, be open and confident, and at the same time let them know that you have a genuine interest in helping them.

They are looking to see if they can trust you as a friend or someone who has their best interest at heart.

Be a Nurturer and Not a Nagger

For this mindset you need to focus on the long-term relationship, rather than the short-term purpose of getting the sale.

Your prospect will buy from you. However, you will need to become a nurturer and not a nagger.

In many cases they will have already purchased one or more of your products/services, so building this relationship will be easy if you follow some easy steps.

  1. Always be available to respond as quickly as possible to any questions that they may have regarding products and services,
  2. Be open for any feedback, positive or negative and actually encourage them to provide valuable feedback,
  3. Make them aware of all the products and solutions you have available for them. Offer these as a bonus ‘special offer’. You may also use this opportunity to offer free product downloads where you teach them more about your offerings.
  4. Share helpful information using videos, texts, emails, and social media, showing them that you understand the problems they may have and the solutions that are available to them.

Your mindset is the key! Selling will be so much easier for you if you just change your mindset.

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