How to Get Customers to Buy from You Instead of Your Competitors!

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From: Bud Chapplain
Subject: Free infographic to get people to buy from YOU instead of your competitors!


Attention Self-Employed Business Owners,

Convincing people to buy from you really boils down to this…Getting the right message to the right market (i.e., the right people) using the right media.

Let’s assume you are getting to the right people. You know, the ones who need or want your product or service. The question then becomes: how do you determine what the ‘right message’ is and the ‘right media’ to use?

The answer is that you need to understand what makes them tick, such as:

the way they think,

what they value,

what they struggle with,

what they enjoy,

who they listen to,

what they read,

what they follow,

and more.

When you have a good understanding as to how and when your prospects make their buying decisions, you’re in the box set towards converting them to customers.

The technical term for this information is called ‘Psychographics’. And once you have this intelligence, you can easily adapt your message, media and marketing tactics to your ideal customer.

Or… you can ignore it and wonder why you are not getting the customers and sales you need and want, but I’m sure you do not want that, and we don’t want that for you either.

Why customers buy infographic

So, we have created a checklist in an easy-to-follow infographic format titled ‘How to Use Psychographics to Understand Your Market’, that outlines all the top tips on how to understand your market, get an edge over your competitors, get more customers, and boost your sales.


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