How to Craft a Killer Ideal Customer Profile

Create a killer ICP

Although every business might be unique in how it does things, there are constants that run through them all.

For example, every business has customers (or clients, or patients) and identifying your ‘ideal customer’ is critical to the success of your marketing.

Consequently, as we saw in our previous article, an Ideal Customer Profile (or ‘ICP’) is an absolute foundational pillar for every business.

As the name suggests, this is a profile of your ‘ideal customer’. It is not your average customer; it is your absolute ‘best’ customer.

This is the customer that you want to identify so you can tailor your products, services and marketing to this ‘ideal’ person.

Your search for this customer takes you through two distinctly different types of data.

Firstly, you want to identify exactly who and where your ideal customer is. This is called ‘Demographic’ data.

Secondly, you want to identify why and how they buy. This is called ‘Psychographic’ data.

Your ICP is so important, it becomes a determining factor in every decision that you make for your business, now and in the future.

Creating your “KILLER ICP” comes before everything.

Components of a Killer ICP



Demographic and Psychographic Data

Let’s begin with the Demographic data.

This includes a variety of different information such:

  • How old they are,
  • Where they live,
  • Their economic situation,
  • What language they speak,
  • Whether they are married, or single or some other relationship,
  • And more.

Psychographic data is uncovering how they make their buying decisions. This includes:

  • How they feel,
  • What they think,
  • How they behave,
  • Their core values,
  • Their beliefs,
  • Their aspirations,
  • Their challenges,
  • Who they listen to,
  • And so on.

Getting demographic data is relatively straight forward. On the other hand, psychographic data, just in its nature, is far more difficult to obtain.

However, in many ways it is the more important data in the long run as it really gives you a better insight into your ideal customer’s issues and how you can help solve them.

That enables you to adapt your marketing tactics, tailor your marketing message and select the places to advertise where they are more likely to see it.

Collecting and Analyzing Your Data

There is no room for assumptions here, no guessing, just objective data about your Ideal Customer.

There are two ways to collect your data.

The Direct method involves gathering information by communicating directly with your current clients or by asking questions of a focus group, or running a survey.

The Indirect method requires more of a detective attitude, as you begin to dig deeper into the heart of the customer’s core value system.

This involves looking at social media information, getting involved in conversations online through forums and Facebook groups, and doing data analysis using metrics such as web traffic and sales data.

A Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at all of this. You may be asking the obvious question which is “where do I find this data”?

Your Current Customer Base

Probably the first and easiest place to look would be your current customer data base (if you have one).

In reality, they are the core of your business as they already purchase things from you.

Go to them directly and start asking questions. You can even call them and engage with them. Remember the old saying, “no ask, no get!”

After all, they are in a way, your biggest fans.

If you use social media for your business, see who engages with you most and check out their social media profiles. This will answer a lot of the psychographics questions as well as giving demographic information.

Your Competitors

Another good way to gather data is to look at your competition. Go to their website and social media and look for yourself. Take notice of their followers / customers and read any reviews. This will give information about customers buying from them and where you can differentiate from them.

Facebook Groups and Online Forums

Joining Facebook groups and online forums that relate to your products and services is also valuable.

“Stop, look, and listen” applies here. Observe the questions people are asking and the opinions that are being given. These types of conversations will reveal valuable information that you can use when making your “killer” ICP.

Your Website

Using the internet is a great way to find data relating to your business and ICP.

For example, you can use Google Analytics on your website to reveal the pages that get the most traffic and how long visitors are spending on each page. This gives you information about the content your visitors are most interested in.

Doing some ‘keyword research’ will also be helpful in finding the terms that people use when searching for a products and services like yours.

Putting Your Killer ICP to Use

You will be more successful in business when you have a good understanding of who your potential customers are, their needs and wants, and the way they make their buying decisions.

Your products and services can then be presented in a way that demonstrates how you meet their needs and encourages them to buy from you.

Use this information to create a “Killer” ICP.

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