The Value of Standard Processes in Your Business

Value of business processes

The value of processes in your life and business needs to be looked at closely. Processes are tasks or activities that are linked together to produce a result.

It may surprise you that even something as natural as having a shower can consist of several processes.

Take a look:

  • Turn on the shower,
  • Hop in the shower,
  • Shampoo your hair,
  • Scrub your face,
  • Scrub your body,
  • Wash your feet,
  • Rinse off,
  • Step out of the shower,
  • Towel Dry.

Following this, you will experience another process which is getting dressed. This is simply putting your clothes on in the correct order.

Many processes happen in our day-to-day life, just as standard procedures can make our business life much easier.

The Value of a Standard Business Process

The value of a business process is that it shows your team and reminds you exactly how to perform some task or activity as efficiently as possible.

The business process has a structured step-by-step format leading to a result, for example, completing a business objective. This can be as simple as delivering a product or service to a customer.

A well-structured business process can help simplify and unify how you and your team interact.

Here are some common areas in the operation of a small business.

  • Product Development,
  • A Product Launch,
  • The Recruitment Processes,
  • Your Marketing Plan,
  • Working with and leading your team,
  • Financial areas such as Accounts and Cash Flow,
  • Customer Service and Support options,
  • Social Media.

For example, your marketing system can contain multiple processes designed to achieve a particular objective that helps complete your marketing goals.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works by defining the writing process we go through when composing a blog.

Depending on your specific way of making this happen, a blog writing process could look close to the following…

  • Begin with your idea or concept.
  • Identify your keywords and begin the topic research and note-taking stage.
  • The creation begins with identifying the headings/subheadings/key points.
  • Using step three, you build the body of the blog.
  • Take the blog and proofread it, correcting errors along the way.
  • Do it now if you need to add visuals such as screenshots/graphics to the blog.
  • Create an optimal SEO document by including a title, categories, tags, links, meta descriptions, snippet previews, images, etc.
  • Make a Schedule for publishing your blog.

Processes Within Processes

The fact is that you may find other processes within processes. For example, your content marketing system can have separate processes for reviewing, accepting, and editing guest posts.

This could also contain a process for promoting and sharing your posts, as well as a technique for recording information and analyzing it.

These processes are relevant and necessary for achieving your desired business goals.

You will find that inefficient business processes are responsible for many problems small business owners face.

The answer to this dilemma is to document these issues and optimize them in a way that helps remedy the problem.

You will find that your level of business efficiency, high or low, directly affects things like:

  • Stories of frustration, fatigue, and overwhelm facing you and your team members.
  • How others (competition and customers) perceive your business.
  • Customer Loyalty.
  • How much time you spend fixing issues vs. developing your business.
  • Putting out social media messages consistently.
  • Total Business Costs.
  • Keeping your mind in a good place.

Happy customers, happy team members, lower costs, and higher revenues are all results of simplified and streamlined business processes.

Benefits of Good Systems

Look at these benefits, and you will see that creating systemized processes is well worth the effort.

  • A Professional Image,
  • A Competitive Edge,
  • A World Class Customer Service,
  • Stronger Relationships with Customers/Clients,
  • Business Flexibility,
  • Consistently Reach Deadlines,
  • An Increase in Areas Like Profitability, Productivity, Quality of Work.

And as The BIG BONUS, you will experience the joy of being in business for yourself and having more time and freedom outside your business, resulting in LESS STRESS for YOU.


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