Business in the Post Quarantine Era: 5 Tips to Help Put Customers at Ease

business in the post quarantine era

I think it is fair to say that the world is trying to get it’s mojo back and that will affect business in the post quarantine era. It is unknown whether we will be back enjoying our lives as we did before but it seems highly unlikely. Small business owners worldwide will need to engage in activities to re-engage with customers. Customers will have gone through a mindset change as the result of COVID-19 and the Quarantine. They will be happy to be shopping again but will need to be put at ease.

Putting Business Customers at Ease in the Post Quarantine Era

Here are 5 Tips to help you assist customers and make them at ease doing business with you.

1. Re-connect immediately with your current customer base. You may have been active with your customer base during the covid era and that’s great. Now is the time to put the pedal to the metal as they say and be aggressive in your efforts to connect with them.

Start out by going the extra mile in your efforts. I would take a step back and if you happen to have a customer list that contains a phone number then get on the phone and give each one a courtesy call. Yes I know that this is “Old School” communication but you need to get ahead of your competition.

2. Safety Station. If you have any type of retail location then pick a spot in our place and set up a Safety Station. This place should be very visible and contain everything that a concerned customer would want to feel safe. You know , masks, sanitizer , disinfectant wipes and the like. This will give everyone the feeling that they can be safe in your place and they will know that you CARE.

3. Train Yourself and Your Employees. Your customers will expect a much higher performance from you and your employees. Nothing will be worse than when your employee is caught sneezing without covering their mouth or not giving the customer social distancing space. Remember this virus is still very active everywhere. Keep your guard up. We are still in a war. We are trying to keep the economy going.

4. Make sure your Online Presence is Alive. Your customers have been online for months while you have been closed and they have been online more that ever. They will expect to be informed of all the changes in your business model and they love information so give it to them and make them feel at easy.

Add Banners, Pop Ups, Blogs and Social Media announcements to energize and inform everyone that your business survived and you are open for business.

5. Events, Discounts, Love and Community. Do not wait, create the best love in that you can . This does not mean that you physically do this but make your customer know that you love their business. Put together “deals”.  Give back to them in special offers and community support. Everyone has been hurt through this time, and will be in the time to come. So, as they say: Pay it Forward. Give now and it will come back to you… ten fold.

If you do these things I can assure you that any customers you have will feel AT EASE and GRATEFUL to you for thinking of their mindset and safety.

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