Is Your Business Costing You Your Family?

Work life balance to save your family


8 Tell Tale Signs to Help You Recognize If You are Addicted to Business and the Steps Required to Save Your Family.

Maybe it is about time that you took a close look at your drive for business success and the current state of your family

The one/two punch that is delivered when you become addicted to business is that…

… you go down, and in many cases the family hits the canvas as well.

In this article we will explore the problem and hopefully ‘a fix’ for it.

The Problem

There can obviously be more than one problem when a family falls apart.

I will address one that does not get enough attention and that is the self-employed small business owner being addicted to their work.

Sure, you can use the excuse that you are doing it for the family and that can bide you some time. However, if the truth were told, you would have to stand up and be counted.

A total lack of proper personal leadership has brought you to your knees. You can begin to recover when you get to this point, but usually not until you have hit rock bottom.

If you are reading this article, you may already be cringing in your seat for being discovered, and I know from experience just how that feels.

You see, I have been there and felt the shame of being discovered.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the symptoms associated with the self-employed small business addiction.

  1. You continually work long hours at your business and fail to acknowledge your partner’s birthday or a child’s music presentation on a regular basis.
  2. You continue making excuse after excuse to avoid social gatherings because you would rather be working.
  3. When you are with your family or at a social gathering, you can’t stop thinking about your business.
  4. You find you enjoy interaction with your customers and making them happy at the expense of family time.
  5. You are obsessed with social media to the point where you can’t put your device down as you want to see emails, texts etc.
  6. You try to multitask (texting and talking for example) even when you are driving.
  7. Money in your bank account is disappearing because you continue to spend, spend, and spend on the business, even when you can’t afford to do so.
  8. You experience a real need to be self-employed and that a regular job will just not do.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, here are several more that really hurt.

  • You continue to tell your wife (or husband) that you are going to change but you don’t.
  • Your attempts to ‘stop working on family outings’ or on nights and weekends are just that: attempts that continue to fail.
  • You can even experience physical and mental withdrawal symptoms when you are attempting to change.

If you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms you are already in big trouble.


These are some of the ways that I used in my business addiction recovery.

  1. Like many other addictions you first need to acknowledge that you have a problem, and you are powerless over it.
  2. Addiction recovery needs people for support and this is no different. You need to talk to your family, admit to your addiction (they already know) and seek their help and support.
  3. Work out a program of ‘working hours’ and commit to it. And make sure that you are responsible to someone about keeping on track.
  4. Talk, talk, and talk, about it. Be open and honest with your family because if you are not, you will quickly lose their respect and support.
  5. Focus on your personal health, both mental and physical. Start to exercise and eat healthy because you need to establish a healthy routine in your personal journey to recovery. Also try meditation if only for a few minutes to begin.
  6. Find a mentor. Someone who you respect in your business world and ask them to mentor you.
  7. Find a group of small business owners and join up. You can find them and meet with them in your local vicinity and online as well.

The road to recovery in this addiction takes LEADERSHIP.

It is not easy to pick yourself up off the floor and move ahead on a new journey.

A lack of proper personal leadership helped get you into this situation in the first place. Having the courage to change demonstrates great Leadership.

If you follow these tips, you can realize your problem and return to a healthy life both in your busines life and your family life.

And always remember this…

A successful business is a means to an end… more life. It is not the end in itself!

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