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Golden Steps to a Successful Franchise

keys to a successful franchise
Franchising has become a popular way to get into business, but you must do your homework. There are many different types of franchises - large ones like McDonalds and small ones like carpet cleaning. The truth is that they all require due diligence before you commit your time and money. Here are some golden steps to ensure you have all the bases covered
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7 Life Saving Solutions to Help Avoid "Working From Home Depression"

work from home depression
Humans are social animals and being isolated is not good for us. For example, they use isolation as punishment in prisons! Even before COVID, there was a rise in home based businesses which leads to more 'working from home depression'. Here are 9 tips on how avoid it. The fact is that as much as you love your business, it can be terribly problematic for you if you allow depression to set in.
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9 Tips to Stay Positive and Save Your Business Through This Pandemic

Staying positive
Businesses and especially small businesses are closing every day during this pandemic. So it is important to stay positive. But how do you do that when you are faced with such a constant barrage of negativity? Here are some tips to help.
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Covid-19 Small Business: How to Survive and Thrive

Covid business survival
The road to survive and thrive for small business after this pandemic is full of curves & potholes. A major shift is needed to focus on the Customer. Learn how to avoid disaster & give yourself a chance to come out the other side thriving.
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Business in the Post Quarantine Era: 5 Tips to Help Put Customers at Ease

Put customers at ease
People's buying habits have changed through this pandemic! Self-employed small business owners have to be ahead of the game and adapt, or we will just become a statistic. Here are 5 great tips to help put customers at ease in the post-quarantine era.
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Small Business Lessons from a Country Singer

Randy Travis business lessons
It is a wonderful experience to meet one of your music heros live and in person. Read about my meeting Randy Travis and the lessons for small business when it comes to handling rebranding, facing challenges and overcoming them.
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$825 Billion in Unpaid Invoices? WOW!

unpaid invoices
The simple truth is that many self employed small businesses fail miserably in collecting money from their customers. Avoid these 5 costly mistakes to get paid quickly and side-step deadly cash flow problems in your business.
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