Being Self-Employed Just Got Easier...

Get Immediate Access to the Essential Support, Tools and Training You Need When You Run Your Own Business!

Does This Sound Familiar?

You run your own business but you're not getting the results you'd like, and you're not sure where to turn...

You’re having a hard time trying to stay on top of the seemingly unlimited number of things you need to take care of, and you’re frustrated running your business…

You’re spending so much time working in your business that you are missing out on the important things of life…

You are not sleeping because you are worrying about how you are going to pay your bills…

You have no one to talk to who understands the challenges and frustration of owning your own business

Well that's why we created this...
Academy for Self-Employed Small Business Owners!

Introducing the Self-Employed Business Academy

The Academy is the leading online community for self-employed small business owners.

And it’s chockfull with comprehensive, practical tools and training on all aspects of operating a successful small business.

PLUS the support you need from other small business owners and advisers to ensure you receive extraordinary value from your membership.

Academy, training, tools and community

The Academy Will Assist You To:

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Grow Your Business

Attract more customers and delight them, so they buy more, keep coming back and tell others so they also become your customers and grow your business

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Increase Profits

Better understand all aspects of your business such as finance, admin, marketing & sales - saving you countless frustration and improving your results

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Help When You Need It

Tap into the practical experience & knowledge of a like-minded self-employed people and business owners who really want to support one other

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Develop Leadership Skills

Become a better leader and manage your time and the important aspects of your business, so that you get more done and reduce your stress

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Improve Decision Making

Make better decisions with greater insight into whether people are telling you the truth or simply using BS to try and pull the wool over your eyes

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Create the Lifestyle You Desire

Build a business that is a means to an end, generating the income and positive cashflow that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you desire

What Makes the Self Employed Business Academy Different?

We are PASSIONATE about small business. Alway have been. Always will be.

We have been there ourselves and know first-hand what small business is like with over 70+ years of real world EXPERIENCE in small business, so we can help you.

We know how hard it is to find someone who actually UNDERSTANDS. That's why we have the unique community of like-minded people to discuss things with.

We know WHAT YOU SACRIFICE to be self-employed. Long hours... getting paid last (if there is enough left)... red tape... cash flow stress... need we say more?

We believe that small business is the LIFELINE of the economy. You make things happen. You keep others in jobs. Small business success equals a booming economy.

We are COMMITTED to helping YOU to be as successful as you want to be. We believe you deserve success, and we want to do our best to make sure that happens.

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Should be a part of every small business tool box

I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and I wholeheartedly endorse and can emphatically say that the Self Employed Business Academy is a comprehensive solution that should be part of every small business tool box. In a business where you are on your own it is impossible for you to know everything about everything and even more importantly, you don’t know about what it is that don’t know you should know. It is great to know that support is just around the corner and that you can get the help you need with the Academy.

- Steve Adelman

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Turn your dreams into a reality

"Passion, skill, and conviction to a dream is not enough when operating small business. Starting a small business without a business plan is the equivalent of trying to book airline tickets when you don’t know where you want to go. The Self Employed Business Academy provides the basic tools and insights that are a must to turn your dreams into your reality."

-John Tizzard
Tizzard Marketing Inc

Members Receive These Benefits...

Members Learning Center

Instant Access to a Comprehensive Library of Simple, Step-by-Step Training Courses

The Academy has a library of simple, practical training courses to help you and your team in all those other important areas that affect you, such as Business Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Administration and Leadership. A fantastic way for you and your team to get the information you need with new courses added every month.

When you or your team need to learn, the Academy is your first port of call.

Done-For-You Tools and Resources To Make Life Easier

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. When you need a system, or a checklist, workbook, cheat sheet or some other resource, check the Academy first. We have a bunch of free resources to assist you with your small business systems, and when we don't have it, we can often refer you to one of our wide range of contacts.

You will even have access to a wide range of ready made videos and resources to help you market your business and grow your sales.

Members Tools and Resources
Members Forum

Peer Support from a Supportive, Like-Minded Community

It can be lonely at the top as people who don't own their own business often have no concept of what you are going through.

Having a community of other self employed small business owners and expert advisers to ask questions of, exchange ideas with and generally support each other is a major key to your success.

Ask your questions, seek feedback and help others too. All without any B.S.!

Take It for a Test Drive...
10 Days for Just $1


That's right...

Your investment today is just $1, and that gives you access to EVERYTHING!

Our sincere wish is that you will see the great benefits the Academy offers and make the decision to stay. But if you decide it's not for you, we understand that too. Just cancel within the 10 days and you won't be charged any further.

If you love it (as we hope you will), you'll be renewed automatically at our member's rate of just $47 a month. And of course, you can cancel at any time if you feel you need to.

So, click on the 'Start Trial' button to get immediate access to the Academy now.


All Prices in US Dollars

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A 'must have' for any small business

"The Self Employed Business Academy is a fantastic resource for businesses. The website is easy to use and visually apealing. It is easy to quickly search for what you need. It has an extensive library of helpful videos and tools to help drive your business to where you want it to be. For me, the courses on social media advertising were especially helpful as this is how most advertising is done these days and we have struggled to have presence that we have desired online. I am looking forward to the growing community and what that will bring in regards to community discussion. I am looking forward to working through more courses and growing my personal knowledge and skills set. This is a 'must have' for any small business!"

-Josh Marshall
Summit Climbing Co

All Prices in US Dollars

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